Microeconomics Analysis


1. Choose a publicly traded company. It is easier to find data and information for publicly traded companies.

2. Choose only one product or service offered by the company

3. Find and analyze information to complete the following tasks:

a) Provide a brief description of the company (number of employees, annual revenue, domestic or international company)

b) Describe the main products and/or services offered by the company

c) Analyze the main factors that impact the demand for the main products and/or services 

d) Describe the types of costs that are involved in the production of the companys main products/services and assess the factors that impact the costs of production of the companys main products/services

e) Evaluate the factors that impact the supply of the companys main products/services

f) Determine the market structure of the industry in which the company operates

g) Examine the level of market concentration and barriers to entry in the industry

h) Describe the type of business strategy used by the company in the industry

i) Analyze how the market structure impacts the companys business strategy and the companys performance in the industry

Summarize your findings and analyses in the Report. The Report should be 8 pages (double spaced, Times Roman, Font 12)  

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