Marketing Research

7.1    Assignment brief

The two components of the module assessment allow you to build upon the skills learned in this module to carry out a marketing research project.

In this module, you are to take the role of a newly appointed marketing research consultant at a research agency in London. The agency has two different clients of different sizes and types. The research director is giving you a choice to pick out one of the accounts, and your task will be to conduct a marketing research project for one of those two new clients.

Your Clients:
Client 1: A scholar at Regents University London has recently secured a research fund to study the effectiveness of mobile learning in the higher education context.
Problem: The usage of smart devices and social media networks is emerging in all aspects of everyday life. Hence, educators are increasingly embedding mobile learning solutions in their attempt to improve the quality of students experience. However, little insights exist to address the following concerns:
    How should mobile learning be incorporated in a traditional classroom setting?

    What is the right balance between traditional and mobile learning?

    What is the impact of mobile learning on students academic performance?

In your research, you should focus on only one of the above research questions.

Client 2: Etsy is an expanding online retailer based in the USA. Etsys original focus was on handmade and vintage craft supplies and products. Later, the company expanded and relaxed its criteria of products it can trade in its marketplace to cover almost every product type. Recently, the fortune magazine rated Etsy is the 16th fastest growing company in the world. Etsy is interested in advancing its market presence in the UK, as one of its most vibrant international markets. To increase the number of UK buyers in its marketplace, Etsy wants to conduct some research into online consumer behaviour there. Possibly, you can focus on unrevealing the factors that affect consumer purchasing behaviour in the UK

This is supposed to be a written report stemming from the initial research proposal, i haven’t done the first reasearch so just do the assignment without worrying about it.

TASK: you will have to write an individual report stemming from the initial research proposal. The length of the individual report is 2,500 words (+/-10% is allowed), 1-inch margins all around, double-spaced, font size 12, pages numbered. The word count refers to the main body of the report and does not include front cover, title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list or appendices, but the appendices are limited to 2 pages. Writing a concise and complete report is an important skill, we wish you to develop in this assignment. The visual appeal of the overall report is also important, as are written style, spelling and grammar.

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