marketing plan

Sir, you just helped me finished this marketing plan. But according to my lecture’s words, you still need to do some revise. The most important is that you are supposed to choose only one strategy, that could be the existing format, but you chose three strategies. And for the implementation issues, this section should be a paragraph rather than listing all the 7S, maybe you can combine all of them and make a simple and critical analysis. And for the timetable!!! what you did is too simple I think, it should be consist of specific time of period and specific activities like when build more parks, when make some advertisements, etc. All activities are base on the marketing mix. Please go through the structure document and slides one more time, it is really useful. The timetable in structure slide is a bit complex, you don’t need to make a one like that, but it is the righr one.You can refer to the one my classmate made. HELP me please sir, this assignment accounts for 100% for this module.

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