Manuscript analysis Constant p53 Pathway Inactivation in a Large Series of Soft Tissue Sarcomas with Complex Genetics

Term paper assignment
(includes students who have opted  to use this course for Reserve Graduate Credit ) must do option A 
A.Primary manuscript analysis assignment: Each GRADUATE student will be required to select a primary article studying a signal transduction pathway from a top-tier journal and provide an in-depth analysis of the article. YOU MUST RECEIVE APPROVAL FRIOM ME regarding the article chosen. 
    The analysis must include the following components:
1. The complete article reference (Authors, Journal, Volume, Page numbers)
2. A two paragraph description providing the issue being addressed in the article, why it is an important topic, what is generally known about the topic to date (include 4-5 key references), and what question(s) the authors hoped to answer.
3. A list of each technique used  in the article that includes technique name, general purpose of the technique, theory behind the technique, and what the authors found using the technique.Also include a list of controls used for each experiment and for what each is controlling.

4. A list of conclusions made by the authors from each figure.5. The overall conclusion of the authors.
5. A critique  of the article: Which experiments were believable and which were suspect? Would better controls be more appropriate?  Doe the authors draw conclusions that are not justified? Would include other experiments to make the data set bett