Making a Recommendation- Economic

Topic that we are talking is COVID 19- economic


Your small group of ethics consultants has been asked by the state governors office to prepare recommendations for a rapid response to a rapidly-spreading virus. With no easy answers, you know that whatever you decide, however beneficial, will also cause harm. Yet doing nothing will cost lives. This is a true moral dilemma. With insufficient precedent and insufficient information, you must advise the governor. What should we do? In this activity, you and your peers will work in small groups to contemplate the facts that you are gathering, and form recommendations that you will draft in the form of a press release before sharing it with the whole class.

Your press release should consist of the following elements:

Headline: what is the press release about?
Summary: summarize the key points: Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.
Date and Location (see examples, remember, yours are fictional)
Body: this is the main part and provides the details in a concise and effective manner. Also includes quote(s) from your fictional governor.
Closing, (fictional) signature and contact information.

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