M7D2: Is More Privatization of Prisons Needed?

M7D2: Is More Privatization of Prisons Needed?

Module 7

Patch on the arm of the shirt that says Corrections Corporation of AmericaBefore responding to the discussion question, view the video, Criminal Justice: A Guaranteed Growth Industry (Links to an external site.) [Video File][06 Min 16 Sec]. View Segment 8 Only.

Read the journal article Information Asymmetry in Private Prison Management:  Monitoring and Oversight as the Basis for Private Prison Legitimacy (Links to an external site.) to gain more information to help address the discussion prompt below.

After reading the assignments and lectures, listening to the audio and PowerPoint presentations, and viewing the video and article above, you have a better understanding of the issues surrounding the privatization of prisons and jails. For this discussion, address the following topic:

You have owned a private security firm for 15 years.  You are now interested in branching out and creating a private prison.  Create a pro and con list for taking this step.  Then discuss what obstacles you potentially will face and what benefits you would glean from this endeavor.
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