M7D1: Prison Overcrowding?

M7D1: Prison Overcrowding?

Module 7

Opinions vary on how best to address the issue of prison overcrowding. Some think that get tough policies are essential to keeping crime contained while others think this approach simply reinforces the problem of overcrowding. As you may recall, the State of Arizona had adopted a controversial approach to handling overcrowding in Maricopa County which was referred to as Tent City. This system has since closed however it will provide the basis for our discussion.

Before responding to the discussion question, view the video, Lockdown: Tent City (Links to an external site.) [Video File][50 Min 22 Sec] (Segments 1 and 2)

For this discussion, address the following topic:

Do you think a tent city approach is a viable option for addressing prison overcrowding? Explain why or why not.
What are some other approaches you think would help alleviate prison overcrowding? Please use your readings to support your response.
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