M5: R Assignment

Throughout this course we will be using RStudio as our environment for working with the R programming language.

Before you begin this assignment, make sure that you have reviewed the R videos on this module’s lecture page.

When you are ready to begin, complete the following steps for this module’s R assignment:
1. Use Fred’s dataset download

for this assignment. Evaluate each of his behaviors for both a trend and autocorrelation. Provide your interpretation of this.
2. For each of Fred’s behaviors, decide which measure of effect size is most appropriate. Defend your decision. Now, actually determine the effect size for each variable comparing the baseline to the intervention. How would this impact your practice with Fred?
Upload the following by the deadline posted on this page:

A Word document with the following information:
The results of the autocorrelation and trend
The results of the effect size
Defend your decision.

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