M4: Single-Subject Case Design: Description of Baseline

For this part of your single-subject case design, you will need to have collected baseline data for your client. Once you have collected your baseline data, you will write an analysis describing the baseline. See the instructions below for details.

Description of Baseline
Describe your baseline data. Be sure to include each of the following in your analysis:

Present descriptive statistics for your baseline. Be sure to include the sample size, range of values, mean, standard deviation, and median.
Create a line graph and describe the stability of your data based on visual analysis.
Create a one and two standard deviation band graph. Do there appear to be outliers in your data?
Using regression, do you detect a trend in your baseline data? Report your findings.
Is your baseline data autocorrelated? Report your findings.
Describe whether the baseline is stable or not. Use your data to support your description.

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