The final part of this class considers mixing research methods, evaluative research, participatory action research, and meta-analysis.  These are approaches to data collection and knowledge generation that cannot neatly fit into the two main branches of research that are quantitative and qualitative approaches. 

1) Mixed methods are becoming increasingly popular.  What are the pros and cons of mixed methods research?

2) Participatory action research (PAR) essentially makes the research subjects part of the research team, and gets them involved in any decision making processes (that often come from evaluative research).  What are the biggest benefits of a PAR approach?  What major pitfalls might come from participant involvement?

3) Do you prefer quantitative or qualitative research, in general?  Do you feel you have an inclination toward one field of study or another based on this?  Do you think one approach or another would be more useful to you in your chosen professional career?  Why or why not?M-13

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