Literary Analysis- Nella Larsens Passing

In Nella Larsen’s Passing, the novel begins with violence and ends with violence. There is also psychological violence in the scene where Mr. Bellew meets the three women and during Brians discussion of lynching with his son. What does the violence in Nella Larsens novel say about the way in which identity, including self-identity and social identity, is portrayed in the text?”

Begin by pre-writing your ideas about identity and the textfrom symbolism, dialog between the characters, or anything else you find significant. Ask yourself: How do I respond to these characters based on whats presented of their identity? Do you think the narrator is reliable in his description of the characters (why or why not)? What clues do we get about the identity of the characters, from their personal longings to their actions?

For the paper itself, I will be looking for a strong topic sentence, serving as your argument/thesis. Ill also look for you to work your argument through the paper, using textual evidence (short quotes) to support your argument. The argument should be wrapped up in conclusion sentence. Of course, Ill also look for grammar, style, citations, and a work cited page.

Read your paper aloud before submitting it to eLearning


Minimum Word Count- 300 words

Format: ONE PARAGRAPH, standard MLA heading, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font.