Journal Entry

Watch the following YouTube video and write a one page summary on what you learned by watching and/or listening to this video. In this video the presenter uses the term “Helping Process” for what we have been calling “The Planned Change Process” – they are both the same process, even though the video lists more steps than we have identified in class (We combined Evaluation & Termination, and the video separates them).  The exact number of steps is not important, but the sequence and content of what is covered in each step of the process is important to know and understand.
Specify which of the steps in this Planned Change Process would come easily for you and explain why, and identify at least one area that would be challenging for you, and explain why.
Social Work Shorts:  The Social Work “Helping” Process

This entry should be at least one full typed page, double-spaced, 12 point font.
Please write using proper English writing skills, including capitalization, punctuation, and correct grammar.  Don’t (DO NOT) use contractions because these are not acceptable when writing formally.  You should write in first person since the Journals are your own reflections. Be sure to answer ALL QUESTIONS in the directions.

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