To conduct an interview with an individual from a socialcultural background different from their own. Student should elicit information regarding healthcare beliefs and practices, perception of healthcare and healthcare providers, perception of disease and disability (including the perceived reason for illness), and any other relevant information. There is a minimum of 15 questions however the interview should be in depth and comprehensive. Open ended questions should be used.
Students will submit a report that includes two sections:
1.The questions and responses (this should be attached to your reflections)
2. An honest and in depth reflection of the experience (at least two pages single-spaced typed). Some examples of questions/responses can include:
Did you have preconceptions about people from this sociocultural group prior to the interview? If so, did those preconceptions change as a result of your interaction, did you learn anything new about the healthcare practices or beliefs of people from this sociocultural group, did you learn anything new about yourself in the process? Include any other relevant information.

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