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Please use the following PowerPoint, readings and link to answer the following discussion questions:

Link to use: (Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound)

1. After analyzing Cilentes article, which of the Seven Cs of Change do you believe to be the most effective? Do you have experience implementing any of these seven values when working in groups? Please provide specific examples.

2.Given the examples laid out in the article about post vaccine workplace benefits, do you think that companies should be doing more for their employees? If you were the CEO of a company, how would you utilize the Social Change Model of Leadership to introduce additional benefits?

3.After watching Simons Tedx talk, do you agree that the most successful leaders and companies stay true to their why? Do you know your why and your purpose? Have you seen for yourself, or in any organization that you have worked with, that it is difficult to keep your why at the very front of everything being done?

4.Comparing both Clientes article and Simons theory of why do you see where the Seven Cs can overlap with how important ones why is? In your opinion how can they help each other out?

5. Reflect on the Why reading as well as the Social Change Model reading-offer specific, thorough, and evidenced critique of both. When are these models not helpful? What gaps do you notice? What would you do to improve them? Please be specific and provide evidence.

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