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Essay 100 points & MLA (formatting, in-text citations, works cited) 25 points DUE: @ 11:59p 6 Apr. 2021– I will offer a floating due date until 11:59p 9 Apr. 2021.


Reading, Watching, Listening and identifying the type of sources: essay, article, video, podcast;
Creating proper citations for each of the works used in the paper;
Summarizing the central message each work offers;
Organizing these citations and summaries alphabetically to create a works cited at the end of the paper;
Write an essay incorporating four sources, using the strategy called I.C.E introduce, cite, explain, and craft a WORKS CITED.
Background information: When scholars are tasked with conducting research to eventually write a research paper, students must follow a process in order to make the most of the experience.

Have a research question you plan to address with a combination of your own experiences and support from outside sources;
Create tentative controlling thesis; know the central point you hope to make (whether stated or implied);
Consult a variety of sources associated with the topic; you will always look at more sources than you will actually use in your papers (For example, when students are required to use FOUR in their paper, they should gather, consult, and consider EIGHT–I call it the doubling-up research method);
Read and take careful notes, questioning how these sources will be used in the paper; make note of themes, trends and threads within the sources that can serve a focus for your paper;
Seek supporting quotations/passages from these outside sources with proper in-text documentation.
Just as with the previous assignments, I am walking you through the steps you will be expected to follow when assigned research paper/projects in future courses.  ?HAVING A PLAN AND PROCESS WILL ALWAYS MAKE A DIFFICULT ASSIGNMENT MANAGEABLE. ? All assignments in this class are building up strategies you will employ in the final paper in the class.

REMEMBER: Strategy Reactions teach you how to carefully deconstruct potential sources, get practice with in-text citations and creating citations that may be in a Bibliography/Annotated Bibliography/Works Cited. FINALLY, what this assignment will help you do WITHOUT the pressure of conducting the research are those very tasks outlined above: reading, note taking, thinking and identifying various resources. NOW, you are going to put it all together.

Assignment: Think of all the materials (music videos, essays, lectures, podcast) studied in this unitif you could encapsulate a central message/point that these works make about the theme of Indigenous ways of knowing home, what would that message be? In other words, of all the words read and consumed, what central claim is being made?

For example: Indigenous Ways of Knowing define the concept of HOME as_______________ and here are the four works that support my claim (of course you will deliver a less announce-like statement, but this gives you a starting point to begin your thought process.

Some possibilities might be:

The planet is our home, and we are merely guests here. OR
Indigenous and Native scholars are saying we have been mistreating the place we call home. OR
Home is more than a structure.
Select four (4) sources from THIS UNIT that you will use to advance the central take away you think readers of your paper would like or need to know–two (2) of the sources must be from Linda Hogan’s Dwellings.

SUGGESTED Essay Structure Template:

Introduction: Tell a personal story, or provide background information, offer a compelling statistic/quote/dialog

Introduce the writer/creator of the works, the titles of the works and a summary of each work.

Your goal for the four selections is to present for the readers what the creators are saying/arguing as it relates/supports/advances the message of home.

Next advance what is important/valuable about what they are saying, or perhaps what they are saying that should help readers to think differently about the understanding of this loaded word home.

You may also bring in your personal connections as part of your response.

Conclusion: Echo your opening, offer a look to the future, present the consequences if your thesis is ignored, reiterate the point you’d like to make.

Requirements for Essay and Works Cited:

Typed in a .pdf, .doc, .docx file, which will be uploaded in Canvas;
MLA formattingtwelve point font, double spacing, heading in the upper-left-hand corner (in the following order, one on top of the other: Your name; Prof. Johnson; Class, Days, Times; Assignment) pagination in the upper-right-hand corner Last name 1, Last name 2 (obviously, you would write your last name); original title centered; indent each new paragraph.
Give your essay an original title–think of the title as a glimpse into the focus you are presenting in your paper;
You must include one quoted passage (no more than four lines long) from each source. Using the strategy of I.C.E. Signal phrasing, passage properly placed in quotes, and parenthetical in-text citation noting either the page or time-stamp.
There needs to be an adequate summary for each work so that readers of the essay can understand WHO is responsible for the work, WHAT type of work it is, the title of that work, WHAT this work is saying. The audience for your paper HAS NOT READ, WATCHED OR LISTENED TO THE MATERIALS, you are using, but by the end of the paper, the readers will be inspired and compelled to seek out these materials for themselves because of the expert summary and insights you are offering about the works and what they are saying about this subject of home.
Organization of the essay should have an Introduction which offers a way of thinking about the details you plan to present. You can have a personal story opener, or you can open with some type of statistic that will wow your readers into reading more about the materials that you will be sharing in the paper. Seriously consider how the four works you have selected are CONNECTED and lead one into the other. One builds into the next and so on. You will introduce the work: Linda Hogan’s essay “Bats” is about. . .what she is saying is. . .which supports this; therefore, it is important. . .because. . .Knowing this leads into. . .and then repeat the process again. . .
While I am not giving a specific word-count or page-count, you would be hard-pressed to meet the requirements of the essay in under five pages.
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