Increasing Homelessness

So basically, Parts 1 and 2 are complete and technically only Part 3 is need to be added in order to complete the paper. However, after completion of Part 3, please put all three parts together with all necessary revisions and to  make sure that it is minimum 4675 word count. 

Describe the debate. What are the relevant parties (stakeholders, the public, the media, etc.) saying about the problem? What issues have dominated in the discussion of the issue? Identify the most prominent options that have been proposed for addressing the problem.

Narrow down your discussion to two of the proposals that are being considered by relevant stakeholder groups in the media and describe them in more detail. If either proposal departs significantly from the status quo, discuss how it differs from the existing policy.

Which option is preferable to the majority of stakeholders?
Does that proposal hold the government accountable for resolving the problem?
Does that proposal address the disparate impact of the problem on certain groups?
Can the proposed option be implemented? (Take into consideration cost, the likelihood of political opposition, and whether or not the proposed option would be effective at minimizing, if not eliminating the problem).
In your discussion:

Identify the challenges for decision makers attempting to address a policy shortcoming and improve outcomes. Your discussion should take into consideration the tension between politics, public pressure for change, fiscal realities, the rights of affected parties, as well as other factors you may identify.
Which solution is likely to prevail? This question is not about arguing in favor of Option A or Option B, but rather a consideration of how things are expected to play out, given the complexity of the situation, the stakeholders jockeying for influence over the outcome, and all of the other factors previously mentioned.
This section should be approximately 40% of the paper, with the addition of a bibliography encompassing references from the previous sections.

The paper should follow current APA formatting and style guidelines. The paper should be approximately 4,500 words (exclusive of references and charts), double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font with one-inch margins.  Include a word count at the end of the body of the paper.  (NOTE: Number of pages is not a specification. Pages for identical “word length” papers will vary depending on paragraphing, indented quotes, charts and the number of citations.)

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