human rights

This assignment has six parts. You may use sub-headings for the six sections below:

An introduction that identifies a human rights issue that is currently in the media and is personally relevant to you (200 words)

Describe how the issue is being portrayed in your local, or the national, media during this session (250 words).

Outline the most relevant human rights covenant, treaty or convention under which this issue falls (250 words).

Outline the relevance of your chosen human rights issue both to you and to Australian society in general (400 words).

Describe what action you have taken during the current session of study to become involved in this issue (action should not be part of your employment and/or placement) (400 words).

Critically assess your own action on the issue as measured against a social work/social welfare human rights based practice position (500 words).

Please note: The word limit is provided as a guide to the weight given to the different parts. Although this essay has six parts, the first three should be dealt with relatively briefly. Most attention, and therefore word allowance, should be given to the final three parts.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

be able to explain the concepts of anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.
be able to explain and apply human rights principles to social work practice, including the global use of technology for research and the ethical sharing of information.
be able to discuss the implications of human rights for social work practice.

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