How We Connect

1.    Purpose: Write an essay which you analyze and evaluate the data Wiskin presents in Cant Quit The Clicks: The Rise of Social Media Rehab. 
Consider the following question:
What point about social media use do these kinds of statistics illustrate?
What particular problem do they highlight?
Do these statistics offer effective support for the argument that digital addiction is real? Why or why not?

To support the idea that digital addiction may constitute an urgent public health problem. Wiskin cites statistics like the following: Eighty percent of users check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up, according to a 2013 study sponsored by Facebook. The same study also found that the average user checks their mobile device every six minutes.

    Essay must be written in 3rd person
    Paragraphs should be between 5-12 sentences in length
    MLA format must be followed
    Typed Three FULL pages
    Must have TWO sources from ACCCs Database
    Must have a Works Cited page

I have attached  2 sources form my school website as well as the proper MLA work cite for the databases used you can use the book in the attached files as well to cite and any other website online to refence if needed.

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