How could JetBlue have better communicated with its internal stakeholders across the country on Valentines Day and during the days that followed to enhance its image with customers?

You are required to reply to the Case Study responses of two classmates. The classmates you choose to respond to should not have researched the same question as you. Each reply will include at least 2 original references, i.e. 2 scholarly articles by 2 different authors, and should be at least 250 words. The response should not be an agreement or disagreement with the initial post, but an evaluation of the authors analysis. All assertions must be supported by research and should not be based upon ones feeling or opinion.

For each reply, the following headings should include:

Response to:
Classmates Name, Case Study Name, Question Number

An evaluation written in current APA-7 format, using third person.

Refer to the APA-7 Manual for proper formatting.

Biblical integration:
Just as you did for the thread, provide integration of a biblical concept that supports your reply.