Case Study on Patient Safety: Lack of Medication Error Reporting
State University Hospital, has been cited for not properly documenting Medication Errors. There must be ways to better address this issue, to improve patient safety and focus on quality care. Despite the facility having an incident report system in place, staff was still not reporting the errors appropriately.
Mistakes including patient pharmaceuticals can happen different ways, several making for a possibly harmful situation. On the off chance that a facility staff member administers the wrong drug because of an obscurely drafted request, or if a clinician gives a medication to the wrong patient, the repercussions can be lethal. Usually in these instances, the patient pays for this mishap, as well as the facility. These missteps possibly could confront lawful activity. The clinician who made the error could also have his or her vocation ruined. Subsequently, when State University Hospital staff found just two medication errors were accounted for amid the initial nine months of last yeara new low performance rating for the department was ensued after the mistakes had been announced, therefore administration decided it was important to recognize what hindrances or battles existed for staff in the documentation of incidents through the current framework, and what, assuming any, progressions should have been made.
After a thorough review of the matter, this fishbone diagram illustrated findings from an appropriate brainstorm between management and staff to identify shortcomings.