Graphic organizer

Prompt: To complete this assignment, first select a point and counterpoint issue of interest to examine. You may choose your own or select from the list below:
Vaccinating Children
Stem Cell Research
Banning/Removing the Confederate Flag 1
Banning/Removing the Confederate Flag 2
Paying College Athletes
Coal/Natural Gas vs. Nuclear Power
Breastfeeding in Public 1
Breastfeeding in Public 2
Then, complete and submit the graphic organizer based on the issue that you chose. View the Graphic Organizer Exemplar on the hybrid and electric cars debate
in the assignment prompt within Brightspace as a model of how to approach this activity.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit the completed Graphic Organizer Template.
Critical Elements Proficient (100%) Needs Improvement (75%) Not Evident (0%) Value
Engagement of
Provides a response to each
question posed in the graphic
Responds to only some of the
questions posed in the graphic
Does not provide a response to
any of the questions posed in
the graphic organizer
Topical Response Provides responses that relate
to the chosen point and
Responses are only partially
related to the chosen point and
Responses are not provided 30
Answers posed in the graphic
organizer are substantiated by
relevant evidence to support
each perspective
Perspectives are well articulated
but lack scholarly evidence and
appear to be based in opinion
Perspectives are not articulated 30
Clearly communicates ideas and
thoughts in graphic organizer
Responses in graphic organizer
need clarification in order to
support ideas presented
Responses in graphic organizer
are not legible and key ideas are
not understandable
Total 100%

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