Graphic artist

Your paper should have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. 2. You are required to write 1000 words (4 pages)follow the APA format. 3. Select Times Roman font in 12 points. 4. The text should be double spaced and typed on white background. 5. Include a Title page (with your name, title of the paper, date, course number, image of the logo/mascot) 6. Include clear images of the logo/mascot and its application throughout the paper. 7. Cite all your sources. Include the following: 1. Description of the logo/mascot 2. What is the historical background of this logo/mascot? 3. What is the story of the image? 4. Did this image evolved? 5. What is your observation and experience related to this logo/mascot? 6. How does the logo/mascot influence the consumer response based on its visual representation? 7. What did you discover through your research and exploring this logo/mascot? My Mascot is play station

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