Going above and beyond

Context: Professional skills are not learnt solely from our medical training. Life experiences and activities outside medical school also contribute to who we become as professionals. An awareness of, and insight into how our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours are formed is an essential part of how we develop as professionals.

According to the General Medical Council guidance for medical students Achieving good medical practice, true professionalism is about striving for excellence. To achieve this you will need to learn to:

develop healthy ways to cope with stress and challenges (resilience)

using an appropriate model if reflective practice(please see links below) discuss in 450-550 words how you are developing as a professional through an experience or activity that is beyond your taught course.

Anchor statement:

Understanding: Sound understanding of qualities of a good doctor is demonstrated, evaluative thought is apparent
Depth of knowledge: Appropriate choice of experience / activity is demonstrated and coherently discussed
Structure: Clearly presented, logical order

the second reflective model is = moons model of reflection

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