Formal Analysis- Film

Write a critical analysis of a film you see. You will connect that film to specific concepts from the relevant chapter/s in your assigned reading in the book Looking at movies an introduction to film fifth or sixth edition by Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan chapters 1-9. Write a formal analysis of one film of your choosing.

Choose a film (any film that has been released in theaters since 1927) you wish to write aboutDecide which formal element you will discuss in your chosen film (formal elements include: editing, cinematography, sound, mise en-scene and narrative). You may also choose to narrow your writing to one aspect of the formal element. Often writing about an entire element in an entire film is too broad to be covered in your paper. Try to be as specific as possible.Research your topic (books, periodicals, newspapers and selected web sources). Look for writing about your film first and then look for writing about your film and the element you have chosen, example: editing and Memento.View your film with an eye to the formal element you will discuss Take notes on your subject as you watch your film Develop a one sentence thesis, example: The non-linear editing in Memento facilitates a sense of short term memory loss in the audience. This thesis pairs the element of editing with the film Memento. This thesis further narrows the investigation to a specific aspect of the editing and how it impacts the audiences experience of the film.Sketch and outline your argument. This allows you to lay down a road map of your paper that you will fill in as you write.Create a topic sentence to begin every paragraphSupport your assertions with evidence. Your most immediate evidence is the film itself. Be specific: In the opening scene of Memento, the polaroid image develops in reverse, setting the stage for the nonlinear structure to come. Refer to specific scenes in your film to support your points. Every assertion should be backed up with evidence from your film or another writer from a reputable publication (not Joe Dudes film reviews). You will also use writing of others to support your points.