Finishing the rest of my report on evaluating solution to help a charity transform their can/coin donations to cashless payment

With reference to the group presentation and Client Feedback (both in the documents attached), you should:

1. Briefly demonstrate an understanding of the business issue and the potential solutions provided by the group.

2. The main content of your report should concentrate on:

a. An individual critical evaluation of the solutions posed by the group

b. Suggestion of alternative solutions or improvements to the group solution.

c. Critically evaluate your alternative solution.

Other requirement:
1. Client Feedback should be incorporated (in the document attached).
2. Report should include Executive Summary and Conclusions&Recommendations

Word limit: 1000 words max

I have wrote about 700 words (in the document called ‘my report’), but would still need to write the part of alternative solution and its evaluation (2b and c).  And my writing is quite wordy, might need some editing and rewriting on the part thats already written to trim it down so the whole essay fits 1000 words.

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