Final Validation Paper

I work for Boston Scientific as medical device rep.

I will Include the work logs soon so you can complete the paper.

In general, I sell products and devices that aid surgeons to remove kidney stones. These procedures are done in the OR.


The student will validate the work experience and the learning which has taken place in both PS 4610 & PS 4620.
The student will provide a detailed job description of what was done on the job, what was learned from the various activities, and how it all ties into their career goals.
The student will analyze the required courses in the Professional Sales program and identify key learning tools that will help them be successful in their chosen career.

Work Experience:  (This will be the largest section) 
Write a summary of your work experience giving the highlights of what you did, how you did it, and what you learned in the process. Discuss your work experience in relation to your career goals.
Professional Sales Program: 
Recall all of the courses you have taken in the Professional Sales Program.  Give examples of how you have used the knowledge from these courses on the job or in your personal life. 
Employer Explanation:  When you are asked in a job interview what a degree in Professional Sales entails, what will you say?

Your paper must be a minimum of 7-8 pages in length excluding title page and any additions, such as pictures, examples of work, etc. The paper should be double spaced 12 font, normal margins.  Senior-level work is expected with regard to grammar and spelling skills. Use the headings: 
A. Work Experience
B. Professional Sales Program
C. Employer Explanation

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