final project

Starting the day or period
How does FERPA apply to your classroom and how will you keep records and papers confidential?
Homework policy
Grading policy/late work
Assigning and collecting homework
How will graded papers/flyers make it to the parents?
Make up work
How will you manage student movement? (give examples if needed)
Student signals
Parties/birthday parties (elementary only)
Classroom volunteers (elementary only)
If applicable: anything subject specific (ex-math, spelling , book reports, A/R, etc)
Attachments: any forms you would use for your classroom
Describe the different approaches to instruction you will employ (large group, small group, cooperative learning, competition, etc.)
How will 21st Century Skills fit in your classroom?
Student engagement/student motivation
How will you minimize transitions to keep time on task?
Teaching to different learning styles
Blooms taxonomy
Give 3 examples of what students who finish early can do to maximize down time
How does student achievement affect the classroom? What will you do for students who are not succeeding?
What is your goal for student achievement (standardized testing)?

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