final project

The following items are required:

Each section must be 1-1.5 pages in length
The conclusion may be .5 pages in length
The overall CMP must be 13-20 pages total including the supplemental attachments
A 1 margin on all sides is required
12 point font in Arial or Calibri
Double spaced
Be sure to include Biblical Integration throughout the CMP.
Each section title should be centered and underlined. Do not start each new section on a new page.
All papers are to be turned in electronically by the due date.
Be sure to include the items listed in each section (see below) but feel free to address more. The following questions/topics are not meant to be answered in order or with just a sentence. They are a starting point to get you thinking and to start your writing. Please do not answer each individual question with one sentence. The final product should be an essay which flows smoothly and in the process addresses the topics/questions below as well as whatever else you add.
The end result should go into a portfolio for future employers to review.

What control model do you plan to use with students (high, medium, low)?
What is classroom management?
Role of the teacher (including but not limited to ethics, values, teacher qualities and dispositions important in teaching)?
How can you be an effective teacher? (applying Wongs elements of an effective teacher to yourself)
Role of the student (including but not limited to their role in developing rules, expectations, routines, etc.)
How will a positive learning community be impacted by your management plan?

What will your classroom discipline program be?
What role will parents and school administrators play in your plan?
Disruptive students
How can you be proactive in preventing discipline programs?
What is bullying and how will you address it?
Incentives for positive behavior
What skill(s) of Love and Logic do you find the most beneficial? (even if you dont plan on using Love and Logic)
What skill(s) of Love and Logic do you think you would have the most difficult time implementing? (even if you dont plan on using Love and Logic)

Starting the day or period
How does FERPA apply to your classroom and how will you keep records and papers confidential?
Homework policy
Grading policy/late work
Assigning and collecting homework
How will graded papers/flyers make it to the parents?
Make up work
How will you manage student movement? (give examples if needed)
Student signals
Parties/birthday parties (elementary only)
Classroom volunteers (elementary only)
If applicable: anything subject specific (ex-math, spelling , book reports, A/R, etc)
Attachments: any forms you would use for your classroom

Instructional Plan
Describe the different approaches to instruction you will employ (large group, small group, cooperative learning, competition, etc.)
How will 21st Century Skills fit in your classroom?
Student engagement/student motivation
How will you minimize transitions to keep time on task?
Teaching to different learning styles
Blooms taxonomy
Give 3 examples of what students who finish early can do to maximize down time
How does student achievement affect the classroom? What will you do for students who are not succeeding?
What is your goal for student achievement (standardized testing)?

Physical Classroom Environment
An explanation of how the physical environment affects the individual/class
How your classroom environment will allow for collaboration
A description of what your ideal classroom would contain (reading corner, classroom library, hands on stations, centers, computers, ipads, tables vs. desks, sink, storage, colorsdream big!)
Include 5 pictures/diagrams/illustrations of bulletin boards and or teaching charts that will be used in your classroom. This can be embedded in the document or attached at the end.

First Day/First Week
List what needs to be in place on the first day of school
Explain what you will do the first day of school. Include at least 2 Get to Know You Activities
Include the script of what you would write on a postcard to welcome students to your classroom before school starts (elementary only)
Back to School Night Agenda to cover with parents

Collaboration & Communication
Communication  with parents
How and what will you include in your communication on a weekly basis?
Collaboration (teachers/families/students)
Tips for parents/teacher conferences

Diverse Populations
How IDEA applies to your classroom
Special needs students in your classroom-what types of special needs students would have the potential to be in your room and how you will make accommodations
Response To Intervention (RTI)
Gifted learners
English Language Learners (ELL)
Cultural sensitivity
Teacher responsibility in child abuse reporting

Provide an overall summary of the CMP
Make any additional comments

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