Film Questions

You have to write 1-2 page response that addresses the following questions about the film :
The movie called the Lorax (2012).

1. In what scene(s) did you find science that we’ve discussed?
2. Name two instances where you wondered about the scientific accuracy.
3. Find a science consultant (an actual scientist like a professor, researcher, museum curator, etc.) who you would contact to provide more credibility to the instances listed in #2.
a) Provide his or her credentials (degree, university)
b) Explain why he or she is the right person for the job
c) What specific question(s) would you ask him or her about how to best write/shoot/produce that scene?
4. Do you think the filmmakers included too little, just enough, or too much scientific content (terminology, theory, visuals, etc) and why?

Here is two presentation what we studies at class, they might help you to identify science weve learnt in class.

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