Film Analysis Essay

This Essay will be the option of an analysis of a film of your choosing (any genre, any format) provided it is R rated or lower. You will write a formal analysis of it as follows:

Using the “A Companion Section. . .” from Chapter 10 in your textbook as a guide (Chapter 10 for film),  you will write 500-750 word essay analyzing and discussing any of the major headings/topics which you think are applicable to the film. You will write it in a sentence paragraph format. You can underline or boldface the entries you wish to focus on. You do not need an introduction or conclusion paragraph. In addition, I would like your response to the film. In other words, I would like your opinions based on specifics from the film as well. Please provide a Works Cited Page at the end of the paper.

Grading Rubric:

You will be graded for clarity of communication (/4 points), persuasion through detail (/4 points), logical consistency (/3 points), grammar, syntax, spelling (/2 points) and correct use of MLA formatting also providing a Works Cited Page  (/2 points).

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