There is an outline, which is right here, and a paper to read for it to add onto it  I. Introduction
II. Develop and explanation for the principle of federalism
A. What is it?
B. History
C. Example
III. Address the concept of competitive federalism
A. What is it?
B. History
C. Examples
III. Explain how federalism empowers citizens
A. First empowerment and explanation
B. Second empowerment and explanation
C. Third empowerment and explanation
IV. Illustrate how federalism replicates private economic principles
A. Private economic principle one and comparison
B. Private economic principle two and comparison
C. Private economic principle three and comparison
V. Describe how mobility and choice related to federalism
A. How mobility relates to federalism
B. How choice relates to federalism
VI. Discuss how federalism addresses the concerns of centralization
A. Concern one
B. Concern two
VII. Provide an examination of the the advantages of federalism; explain or illustrate the disadvantages of the system.
A. Advantages
1. First advantage
2. Second advantage
3. Third advantage
B. Disadvantages
1. First disadvantage
2. Second disadvantage
3. Third disadvantage
VIII. Develop an explanation for the three major factors that are mobilizing a possible resurgence for American federalism
A. Factor one and explanation
B. Factor two and explanation
C. Factor three and explanation
IX. Provide a statement as a conclusion that evaluates the overall
effectiveness of federalism as a system of government.


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