eyewitness testimony

For this assignment, you will create a 5 to 7-minute podcast script, where you will discuss ethical issues relevant to:

    conducting research in forensic psychology (especially as it relates to eyewitness testimony), and
    practicing forensic psychology in the workplace (especially as it relates to eyewitness testimony).

This assignment should include references to the Specialty Guidelines in Forensic Psychology as well as the APA Ethics Code, but may also include other scholarly resources.

To develop this podcast, you will develop a script that may be less formal than a typical academic tone so that it is engaging, but that should also remain scholarly. That is, you may use a more engaging tone and language, but your ideas should continue to be backed up by scholarly resources (which you should cite in the body of your script).

Length: 5 to 7-minute podcast should be 750-1000 words, not including title page and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 3-4 scholarly resources.

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