Existentialism question answering

Read the reading in attachment and answer the following questions.

1. Who is Rilke (appear to be) writing to?

2. What advice does Rilke give in the February 17, 1903 letter? What advice would you


3. According to Rilke, how does one judge whether a work of art is ‘good’ or not?

4. Why does Rilke delay in writing back his second letter?

5. Which artists have influenced Rilke the most? Which artists or authors (if any) have

influenced YOU the most?

6. Does Rilke believe there is a true (or truer) ‘you’ at the core of existence? Do you agree

with his view?

7. What does Rilke use the patient ripening of a tree to illustrate?

8. Did Rilke send free copies of all his books to the letter writer?

9. How does Rilke view anxiety?

10. For Rilke, what kinds of questions should we seek the answers to? Do you understand

his answer? If so, can you give any examples?

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