Exegetical research paper

Students will be required to write an exegetical research paper on a passage listed below from a Gospel account. This paper will be 1215 pages in length (not counting the cover page). The paper will be exegetical and thereby follow a verse-by-verse reading format. The paper will need to offer an exegesis on a passage (listed below) from one Gospel on its own terms and not allow other Gospel voices to influence their exegesis. This is an academic research paper, which means that scholarly research must be present and integrated throughout the body of the paper in footnotes. This exegetical paper follows the general format of the paper in the course on Biblical Hermeneutics, which is a prerequisite to this course. Be sure to look at the assignment rubric for more information.
The paper will have three components.
(1) There will need to be an introduction as well as contextual and structural analysis at the beginning of the paper. This section will need to offer a short summarization of the way that Jesus has been characterized in their particular Gospel prior to the location of their passage. This section should also include a structure of their Gospel and offer some observations concerning the way in which their section fits into the structure of their Gospel. This first section should be two to three pages in length (the structure given should be single spaced).
(2) Interpretation of the passage. Students are required to offer an informed reading of their chosen biblical passage. An informed reading assumes that there will be sufficient footnotes in this section that offer evidence of engagement with biblical scholars who have written on their Gospel, including commentaries, monographs, theological dictionaries, and academic journal articles. This section should be eight to 10 pages in length. Students will be assessed:
(i) on their ability to offer an informed verse-by-verse interpretation of the passage that brings together word studies of terms located within the literary context of the Gospel.
(ii) on their reflections concerning theological issues.
(iii) on their use of footnotes that integrates and summarizes scholarly perspectives in the students own words without excessive quoting.
(iv) on their ability to read their Gospel on its own terms without allowing other Gospel accounts to influence their interpretation.
(3) Reflection and Response. The final section of the paper should reflect on the ways that their exegetical analysis of the text impacts their life, community, or ministry. Concrete examples are required. This section should be two pages in length.
Select one of the following passages for your exegetical research paper:
Mark 7:24-30
Mark 8:22-30
Mark 15:33-41
Matthew 3:11-17
Matthew 16:13-20
Luke 1:46-56
Luke 4:14-28
John 1:1-15
John 11:17-27
John 20:24-31