Examining a Cross Functioning Team

Explore the internal processes, which focuses on establishing and maintaining stability and continuity within a team. This model is based on the assumption that routinization will lead to stability and continuity.

1.    Identify a situation that you are currently in at school, at work, or in some other formal organization that has cross-functional elements to it.
2.    Analyze the situation in terms of the key guidelines for managing cross-functionally as presented in this section.
3.    Find specific ways in which the situation is being managed well, as well as problems.
4.    When you identify a problem, try to determine its specific source(s). That is, dont just say Meetings do not accomplish anything.
5.    Try to determine the cause of the problem: Are goals unclear? Are the wrong people attending the meeting? Was an agenda distributed in advance?
6.    As you work on your analysis, keep in mind the importance of providing evidence to support your claims about problems and making connections to theory to support any recommendations you might make.