European Transportation

Topic: Select one industry of your choice in Europe. Identify and explain how the policies of the European Union have contributed to increase or decrease the profits of the businesses in that industry.

Industry: Transportation.

Format: the minimum length is 7 pages single-spaced and the maximum length is 15 pages single-spaced, font 12. Report all tables and figures at the end of the paper. The length does not consider the appendices with tables and figures. Use as many tables and figures as you need. Use the reference style that you prefer as long as you cite the sources both in the text and at the end of the paper in a reference list.

Evaluation Criteria:

    Evidence reported. Collect as much evidence as possible from articles, news, reports, databases, to provide rich data displaying the change in profitability of businesses and to validly and reliably support your arguments explaining how the policies of the European Union have impacted the profitability of the businesses in the industry. Report all the evidence in the reference pages at the end of the paper.

    Clarity of the arguments. The profitability of businesses could have increased or decreased for a multiplicity of reasons. You have to develop compelling and convincing arguments that establish a clear attribution of causality to the policies of the European Union and not to exogenous factors that could have exercised an influence.

    Originality of the arguments. You are tasked to develop your own critical perspective. If you find an article that already makes the analysis for you and you only report the ideas taken from this article, you will not have provided any critical thinking or personal contribution. Whenever you are relying on an argument developed by an external source, cite every time and clearly the source of the information. Never misattribute an argument, by making it appear as yours while, in fact, the thought was borrowed from an external source. Misattributing an argument is a serious flaw and will result in a significantly lower grade. 

    Primary data. Cite in the paper the primary sources of information clearly identifying who you have talked to and reporting the thoughts.

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