Answer just one out of the three following questions below in approximately 1,000 words. (choose just one of the 3 questions)


Provide a well-constructed and reasoned essay to one question in a thoughtful, considered manner. You should not simply take a position about how particular ethical issues should be addressed. Rather, you should provide reasons, arguments, and evidence in support of your claims. The more specific and detailed your essay, the better grade you will receive.
Focus on key ideas, competing arguments, and how to address conflicting moral considerations.
Acknowledge and address moral complexity that arises from philosophical frameworks.
Proceed beyond questions and concerns and develop analyses that provide insight into how an individual should address particular topics.
Focus upon specific issues and avoid simply providing an overview of the subject matter and readings.
Do not merely repeat arguments made in assigned course material. Rather, use this material to develop your own ethical analysis of assigned topics.


1.You are at a dinner party and someone says to you, I believe that abortion is wrong and you believe that abortion is right, but we dont disagree because ethics are relative. Provide an argument against this position.

2.Explain in detail Kant’s notion of the first formulation of the categorical imperative, how it is the basis of doing one’s duty as opposed to acting on one’s inclinations, how rationality is the cornerstone of the categorical imperative, and why Kant says a person is morally autonomous. Use the following as the framework for answering this exam question; according to Kant, why can’t one say, “I can lie whenever it’s in my interest to do so?”

3.Explain in detail the relation among the concepts of habit, the recognition of the “mean,” virtue and happiness according to Aristotle.

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