essay about intelligence

Students must write an essay choosing one of the following topics:
Attention and memory;
Thinking and language; or
The essay must outline the following:
The development of the topic, by identifying the key theorists that have contributed
to the topic and describing the key theories on the topic;
Identify and define the key concepts and/or characteristics of the topic;
Identify an example of an issue in the South African context that is related to the topic
(e.g. learning difficulties such as ADHD/Dyslexia, the political significance of language,
linguistic limitations in multicultural settings, the history of intelligence testing and its
issues in South Africa, etc.). Discuss the implications of the identified issue and what
it means within the South African context.
Use your prescribed textbook as a starting point in gaining a broad understanding of your
topic. There should not be an over-reliance on your textbook. You should use it as a foundation
for further reading.
The assessment should include:
A cover page
A table of contents
An introduction
The body (which may include sub-sections as per the points above)
A conclusion
A reference list comprising a minimum of five (5) credible, academic sources. Please
ensure that reference both in text and in the reference list, according to APA
Structure of the essay:
Your essay must use the following structure:
1. Start with a hook sentence to get your readers attention
2. Provide background and context for the topic
3. State what your essay will be about
Body of Paragraph 1
1. Topic sentence
a. indicate the facts
Body of Paragraph 2
1. Topic sentence
a. indicate the facts
1. Summarise the topic
2. Highlight the core questions of the topic and the social issues in the South
African context
3. Reveal any unanswered questions that require further research
*Each paragraph should focus on a theorist and their contribution to the topic. Hence, the
number of paragraphs will depend on the number of key theorists that have contributed to
the topic.

some key aspects to help guide you
Racial and cultural issues involved in psychological testing;
Extremes of intelligence; and
Nature vs. nurture debate of intelligence.

Here are some links that you can use to write the essay as well as 5 other sources need to be referenced excluding these ones below

Mpofu, E., Ntinda, K., & Oakland, T. (2012). Understanding human abilities in
sub-Saharan African settings. Online Readings in Psychology and
Culture, 4(3).
Tlali, T. (2016). Intelligence. In Swartz, L., de la Rey, C., Duncan, N., Townsend, L., &
ONeill, V. (Eds.), Psychology: An introduction (Ch. 15). Oxford University
Press Southern Africa.
Dombrowski, S. (2020, April). The dark history of IQ tests [Video]. TED

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