Women account for 50% of members of organizational culture, yet, according to a 2019 McKinsey & Company report, Women Matter: The Present and Future of Women at Work in Canada, based upon a study of 100 organizations, women are underrepresented in upper rank management and leadership positions.  Women do not choose to remain in lower status jobs.  Women put themselves forward for promotion, but 76% of the time are bypassed by men despite having the same qualifications.  Write an essay that argues for, or against, Berdahl et al (2018) assertion that organizational cultural gender performances and expectations of masculine and feminine norms are a key obstacle to womens advancement into higher ranks positions, particularly in the high-tech sector.  (Berdahl, J. L., Cooper, M., Glick, P., Livingston, R. W., & Williams, J. C. (2018). Work as a Masculinity Contest. Journal of Social Issues, 74(3), 422448.

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