Employee Relations Interview Paper

For Part 2 of the Ongoing Employee Relations Project you will select your current or former organization and connect with their Human Resources manager/ the hiring manager/ supervisor  (note that this needs to be a different organization than the one you have researched on in Part 1 of this project). Conduct an interview with this individual to discuss the 10 elements of their Employee Relations program.    All interview notes should be included as an in text citation > first initial, middle initial, and  last name (personal communication , month day, and year) no entry is required on the refence page. Ask specific questions and include detailed notes on how the business addresses the elements below:

Various communication styles for maintaining employee relations
The importance of diversity
Conflict management
The importance and impact of training and development
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strategies
Performance measures and their role with the performance management system
Performance appraisal
Team building concepts
The staffing process
Best practices of labor relations
Discuss what policies, procedures and practices are in place that cover the elements?  What they can do to improve on these elements?  If there is an element that the organization does not address, Google the “Best Practices”  for that element (cite and reference) and suggest how they might address the element, efficiently. 

Use the Employee Relations Interview Rubric to guide your work. This assignment is worth 50 points. Your submission should include the title page, abstract, introduction (use the title), short profile on your company (vision, mission, number of employees, demographics, and awards), headings for each element (detailed notes from interview), conclusion and reference page.

  Use  APA 7th ed. format style, double spaced, in text citations, and references.

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