EMGA-3: EMG-Arduino research final

Your EMGA Report will compile your hypotheses, finalized methods, data, analysis of the data, comparison of your data to your predictions, and your conclusions. 70 pts

The total length of the report should be less than five pages (double-spaced), not counting data tables or figures. 5 pts


Background/Justification: You will likely use this section from your proposal as a first draft for this section. This section, less than one page, double-spaced, should provide background for your hypothesis. A top-scoring background will explain the context of the experiment, and why this experiment is useful. It will be logical, organized into topically organized paragraphs, and have perfect grammar and spelling. 15 pts

Hypothesis or question(s): This section should clearly state what hypothesis(es) you will test or what question(s) you investigated. A top-scoring hypothesis or question will be logical and clear, and pose an interesting idea, as well as have perfect grammar and spelling. 10 pts

Methods: This section (up to two pages, double-spaced) should describe what methods you used, and how you analyzed your data. A top-scoring methods section will describe how the methods tested the hypothesis/answered the question, and convince the reader that the methods were well-controlled (protected from artifacts/other explanations for pattern). It will also be well-organized, with a clear structure, and perfect grammar and spelling. 20 pts

Results/Conclusions: This section, up to two pages, double-spaced, should present your results, compare them to your hypothesis or question, and include your conclusions. A top-scoring section will present the results clearly, and logically indicate what conclusions can be drawn from this study.  Data should be graphed, in a format that allows comparisons among groups (e.g. showing means and standard errors) or relationships between variables (e.g. regression or correlation analysis. To receive full credit, a proper statistical analysis is required. A top-scoring report will also be well-organized, with a clear structure, and perfect grammar and spelling. 20 pts

Please do the best that you can with this. I have the rubric, examples,  the previous essay, and my feedback for it attached. This is the final and it has to be great

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