emergency management

Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

    Conduct a Risk Assessment on a specific target in your community, a school, hospital, business or government office (be sure to choose an actual specific target for this assignment).  For a shot at max pointsLink the real world event, to at least three specific course resources (cite specific page numbers, charts, graphs etc in the course textbook, power points slide and or other course material).  The key is to cite specifics and highlight these in yellow!!
    Next describe the natural, technical or man-made hazard which is most likely to threaten your target. For example, the Ambassador hotel in my town of Mayberry is most likely to face a natural hazard such as a tornado. Mayberry is a small Midwestern town so terrorism and earthquakes are unlikely to occur. However, the threat from tornadoes are a real possibility.
    Conduct specific  historical research that applies to your target of past hazards to establish a baseline for how much risk your community faces from this hazard. What is the frequency of this hazard? Is it predictable and or cyclical (tornado or hurricane season)?
    Describe the specific impact of the hazard and the loss of your target would have on your community.
    Discuss how the risk to your target can be mitigated?
    Which agencies and or private entities may be involved in the risk analysis process and mitigation process.
    Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the terms and concepts associated with Risk. For example, RISK (R) can be calculated as follows: R = f (C, V, T)

    C = the CONSEQUENCES of an attack on a particular target
    V = an assessment of the VULNERABILITY of the target
    T = the THREAT or likelihood that a specific target will suffer an attack or disaster

My area is Seattle Tacoma so you if you could a location around here that would be great.  Thanks

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