Economic Systems

we are supposed to choose 2 countries and choose different economic systems for each of them. for the first part we are supposed to create a research question and explain it. the research question must answer all of the questions i will ask in the presentation. for the second part, we are supposed to investigate. there are 6 indicators listed on the document that has to be addressed in each box separately. for each indicator and each box we will have to come up with a question that will answer the indicator. The questions must include both countries we are choosing, with their economic systems. All 6 of the boxes must have MLA8 citations. after the 6 questions we will have to evaluate the process and the results of the investigation. for the last part we will have to make a script with the introduction, body, and conclusion of all of the research we made. and in the end i will be recording a slideshow presentation of all of the information. We also must include 10 vocabulary words from the vocabulary document in the research and in the script.

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