During the Pandemic

500+ words
Beginning: What did you think when schools first closed? How did you feel about what was
going on? What emotions came up for you? How was lockdown for you?
Middle: How was being at home all day every day? How did your life change? What old activities
did you have to give up? What new activities or hobbies did you start? How did your relationship
with your family and friends change during this time? Did you know anyone who got coronavirus
or did you get it yourself? What emotions came up here?
End: Now that vaccines are being distributed and we are turning a corner, how do you feel now?
Do you feel hopeful, anxious, impatient, or something else? What lessons have you learned
during this time? How do you think life will be different when this is all over? What do you think
youll remember about this time?

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