Domestic violence movement

Download the article How Feminist Theory Became (Criminal) Law: Tracing the Path to Mandatory Criminal Intervention in Domestic Violence Cases as your initial reference for this weeks Assignment.

In a 3- to 5-page paper, identify early theories of domestic violence that preceded the feminist intervention and the subsequent feminist theories of domestic violence. Analyze how early feminist theories of domestic violence rejected earlier alternative psychological and family violence theories and how that eventually led to criminal intervention as the primary solution to domestic violence. Specifically, include discussion on the impact of attorneys Laurie Woods and Pauline Gee on the advancement of criminal intervention in domestic violence cases as demonstrated in Bruno v. Codd and Scott v. Hart. Major points should be clearly stated and well supported with facts, details, and historical evidence.

NOTE:This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least 5 credible sources beyond the text material. You may consult the Library, the internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations and references in APA style. Discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used. All outside resources used should have been published within the past 5 years.

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