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The most significant change in the classification of health care organizations over the last century is driven by client and/or patient protections including quality of care provided to the patient, improving health care costs for patients, timeliness of appointments, and access to services. Organizations implement tools to monitor provider compliance with patient health care protections that may include validation of licensing and accreditation to optimize patient care and form good stewardship within the organization (Nejad, Janat, & Arab-Zozoni, 2018).

Good stewardship protects both the patient and organization. Organizations have implemented policy and procedure development to maintain good stewardship and patient health care and quality of care protections. Strong policies discuss provider sanctions for non-compliance with laws and negligence to patient, and the responsibility of the organization to monitor provider licensing to ensure providers are legally authorized to provide health care services within their field of discipline.

Patient access includes reasonable travel distances for the patient, timely appointment to access services and short wait times to receive services (Kaufman, 2018). To comply with patient-centered care requirements, organizations may implement extended and weekend hours to see health care providers.

The Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) is governed by the California Department of Health Care Services requiring DBH to comply with client health care and privacy protections. DBH reports on adequacy of service providers, timeliness of services, and access to service quarterly. DBH conducts internal audits to ensure the clients quality of care is protected at all times.


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