Discussion Post


All of you are +18. Your responsibility as citizens and adults is to vote.  Last November in the California general elections there was a Prop 23. Establishes state requirements for kidney dialysis clinics (Prop 23 (Links to an external site.)).  Even if you couldn’t vote (for many reasons) you can discuss as an educated adult and vert your opinion.

prop 23 link:


Read the next articles:

– No to prop 23 (Links to an external site.)


– Yes to prop 23 (Links to an external site.)


*****Write a short paragraph (minimum 350 words) where you answer the next questions:****

1. Do you consider it appropriate that the population of California should decide about the fate of the dialysis clinics or do you think should be a government decision?

2. Do you think there is a better way to handle this problem with the clinics?