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For context of your main post, you will choose a public health emergency that has occurred within the past 20 years. You will imagine yourself as a public health professional serving during this time of crisis, with the task of communicating public health messaging to the general public using multiple communication channels.

For each communication channel, you must inform the general public by responding to the following questions:

What are the overall responsibilities of any public health professional during an emergency?
Who was involved during the recent emergency?
What was done during this emergency?
What was done well during this emergency?

What breakdowns (if any) occurred during this emergency? (If no breakdowns occurred, it is important to inform others of this information.)
How could the effort have been improved?
Please address the following communication channels in your main post:

Press Release from the Local Health Department: Imagine that you have been tasked with writing a news release on behalf of the local health department. You should assume that this news release will be consumed by media professionals and the general public.

Live Television News Broadcast: As a spokesperson for the local health department, you have been asked to give a live television news broadcast for the communities you serve. The news station tells you that they can give you between 2.5 and 3 minutes of broadcast time

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