Discussion – Negotiation

Respond to the following student responses provided based on the following Prompts (Each Response should be 137 words)

Prompt 1  What are coalitions?  Explore how coalitions form and develop and what makes them strong or weak.

Student Response 1 (Andrew)
Coalition is a certain form of government that means a group that is formed by two or more people. This type of group is formed when different faction states or political parties or even military work together for some type of temporary partnership to achieve some type of common goal that promotes them coming together to achieve this goal.Their coalitions in the workplace with certain coworkers and different groups within a company when they work together with one another. There are also coalitions with other companies. An example would be using technology from one company to help produce another technology for another. And example of this would be HP laptops buying Intel processors for their computers. In the development process of the laptops in intel can study the laptops and how the processors work within the laptops. Coalitions or something that is very important because they help factions of people grow stronger. To have a strong coalition you need to be on the same page with the other members of it. You also need to be able to trust all the members of the coalition.

Student Response 2 (Timothy)
From a very early stage in life people form coalitions to have enough resources in order to have a better chance of success.  When two or more people or groups work together towards the same result a coalition is created (Lewicki, 2020, p. 386).  When it comes to coalitions, there are multiple types of and reasons why a coalition may be formed.  The benefits of a coalition can be a variety of reasons from a common goal for a specific issue, groups of people who may not naturally interact working together, or to serve a common purpose not dictated by any mandated organization (Lewicki, 2020, p. 387).  Coalitions are needed in many circumstances for success.  Often individual, business, or establishment goals are extremely self-serving, but a coalition allows for groups that may not have worked together before to work towards the betterment of others.

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