Discussion For Society Class

 1. According to The story of stuff: How is stuff extracted, processed, distributed, and disposed? What are its impactsenvironmental and social?

2. According to the assignments in Part Two and Part Three: How have we been transformed into obsessive consumers?

3. (a) Connecting The story of stuff to the assignments in Part Four and Part Five: How has the consumerist culture damaged the environment and been a fundamental cause of climate change, disasters, and widening wealth inequality? (b) On the other hand, what/who do the assignments in Part Two most fundamentally blame for the creation of consumerist culture?

4. According to Part Six: What is the trend in U.S. and global wealth inequality?

250-word minimum; no maximum word count. Display the word count at the end of your post.

Part 1

  1. (22 minutes)

Part 2

  1. (56 minutes)

Part 3

  1. (33 minutes)
  2. (1 minute)
  3. (1 minute)

Part 4

  1. (1.30 minutes)

Part 5

  1. (10 minutes)

Part 6

  1. (45 seconds)
  2. (charts)

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